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Senior CrimeStoppers at The Arbors Helps Deter Crime

CrimeStoppers programs at The Arbors and other nursing homes in the Panhandle are putting residents at ease.

The Senior CrimeStoppers program allows residents to call a 1-800 number if they feel they've been victims of a crime, no matter how big or small.  Once that call is placed, flyers go up around the grounds offering a reward for information on that crime.

But implementing CrimeStoppers doesn't necessarily mean high crime at a particular facility.

"Oftentimes there is no need for it, but it's just taking a positive, proactive approach at letting everyone know there is no tolerance for crime whatsoever in this community," says Cheryl Tweet, Activities Director at Arbors.

Even so, Arbors residents are glad the program is in place to deal with potential crime.

Long-term care facilities send potential new staff members through several thorough background checks.

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