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Update: High Fructose Corn Syrup Follow Up

A national organization is responding to a NewsChannel 10 report. We first brought you a study linking diabetes in children to an additive in many foods last week... But tonight we are letting you decide whether high fructose corn syrup is healthy.

Rutgers researchers say over consumption of the sugar replacement can lead to serious health complications and obesity...

Though those for the syrup say it is no more dangerous than other sugar additives.

John White with the Corn Refiners Association says, "We live in a sugar sweetened world. They are all treated by the body the same way. Once they get into the blood stream the body can't tell where they come from."

Tim Cummingham, a licensed dietitian says, "It's kinda of a joke. We've taken away the evil coke a cola company but we have replaced it with just as evil sports drink companies that don't supply any nutrients or nutritional value, and have more calories in them and probably more sugar."

No matter which side they are on... Both say parents should limit the amount of sugar and sweeteners your children consumes.

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