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Uninsured drivers targeted under new $6 million program

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Uninsured Texas motorists may have a harder time dodging a ticket when the state unveils a $6-million database in January.

The Texas Financial Responsibility Verification Program will give police immediate access to updated coverage information. It targets the state's estimated 15 to 20% of motorists without valid insurance.

Drivers can be ticketed $175 to $350 the first time they're caught without a policy.

But critics say similar programs in other states are plagued with problems and don't significantly reduce the number of drivers without insurance.

Some in the insurance industry worry that the program could create unintended problems for drivers if the databases aren't kept current or the vehicle and insurance information don't match up.

Insurance companies began submitting information into the database in June. Another phase of the program, starting in the fall 2008, will mail warning notices to drivers in the database who do not have current policies.


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