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Families Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend

 You don't have to try hard to smell the barbecue. Families all around the Panhandle fired up the grill to celebrate the Labor Day Weekend.

"Right now we've just been hanging out at the park and we're going to go home and have a barbecue and hang out some more," said Ranora Cosselmon. The football and frisbees. Their Daschund was also part of the fun. On Labor Day, "hanging out" is the name of the game.

Americans all over the country enjoy the day off, but ever wonder how this holiday came about. The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated in 1882 in New York City, according to the Department of Labor. With the growth of labor organizations, many industrial cities around the country celebrated Labor Day by 1885.

The idea was to honor those hard workers who had given their sweat and labor to build the United States. For those still fortunate to have this day off, they cherish every minute of it. "We have been eating watermelon and playing ball and just having fun," said Cosselmon.

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