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Senior Driving Restrictions

DPS officer Wayne Beighle DPS officer Wayne Beighle
Bill Crenshaw Bill Crenshaw
Nola Ash Nola Ash

Senior drivers in Texas will now be put to the test to ensure they are safe behind the wheel, and so are other drivers on the road with them.

DPS officer Wayne Beighle says, "We want a person to be as mobile as they are physically able to preform the functions of driving, at the same time we want to maximize traffic safety."

Katie's Law, introduced after a dallas teen was hit and killed by a 90 year old driver, changes the expiration time of a license for people 85 and up from six years to two.

The change will require drivers to have their eyes tested more often. Seniors we spoke with say they support the changes.

Bill Crenshaw says, "As you get older your responses seems to be a little slower and you don't really recognize that. Your eye sight, hearing, responses need to be tested."

Nola Ash says, "dementia sets in at different ages and so does the ability to drive at a certain age."

The law will kick in for elderly drivers, after their current license expires. Drivers 79 and over will also see changes next time they need to renew. Under the new restrictions they will no longer be able to renew over the internet.

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