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Perils of Plastic

Teresa Baker Teresa Baker
Doctor Robert Kauffman Doctor Robert Kauffman

Making a mountain out of a mole hill, that's what local doctors think lab scientists are doing when it comes to plastics you use every day affecting human health. NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg explains why you should know about the potentially harmful plastic, but not be paranoid.

Lab studies show Bisphenol A, or B-P-A found in some plastics can cause defects in baby mice reproductive organs when their mothers are exposed to it. But this doesn't mean it affects humans the same way. So staying away from water bottles and other plastics may be unnecessary.

Teresa Baker is seven months along. She was alarmed when she first heard plastic could harm her baby.

"When you read those articles it's shocking and you worry about what and who is being exposed to things are not fully tested, so I was more concerned and wanting more information," says Baker.

So we went to reproductive expert Doctor Robert Kauffman for answers. He says no one can say for sure BPA is prompting newborn abnormalities.

"It's hard to make causation between consumption of Bisphenol A and any problems of human reproduction, how do we know it's not something else," says Dr. Kauffman.

Like genetics, drugs, or anything else. So moms like Baker can take comfort in knowing plastic is safe. Changing your habits would be premature.

"Basically from what I understand is that there's not enough information to draw any conclusions about this," says Baker. 

But Dr. Kauffman says the tests should go on.

"They're not a waste of time at all, because this is where we get ideas for human research is from lower mammals, and we may discover very important things from these mouse studies," says Dr. Kauffman.

Doctor Kauffman says testing monkeys would help better define if BPA would actually affect the human reproductive system. But he doesn't see that happening in the foreseeable future.

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