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Parents upset Over School Dress Code

A new dress code for Pampa students has some parents upset.

Newschannel 10 received several emails from parents who complained that the school district went overboard with their new dress code. In response we went to Pampa to investigate and found the dress code is not that different from dress codes at other school districts in the panhandle.

One teacher says the biggest issue is getting students to cooperate with the changes.

The main reason for the dress code was reportedly to address the problem of baggy jeans and low cut blouses and the Pampa Independent School District Superintendent Barry Haenisch says the final decision came down to the school board, parents and teachers. 

 "I have not had one parent express to me about the dress code in general being too strict. I've probably had four email communications with parents who were concerned about one schools interpretation of one part of the dress code." Referring to is oversized shirts. An issue that was discussed with parents and resolved.

The school district says it's all about self esteem. Principal Paul Nies said "They are getting compliments.  The young ladies telling the young men that they look good, you look handsome like that. I've noticed in the last two days that we have many if not more boys tucking their shirts in just for the fact that people are noticing they look good."

Lana Stump, a teacher at Pampa Middle School said she's even seen changes in behavior.

"They pay more attention, they're alert, they're respectful. They want to be told, they want some rules, they don't want chaos."

Those who violate the dress code will receive five hours of school service for the first offense.  Thirty hours for the second offense and they'll go before the school board if they offend a third time.


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