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Texas Pledge Causing Controversy

Parents might not know the Texas Pledge of Allegiance, but their students probably do.  Now, next time they recite the pledge they'll use the words "One State, Under God".  Legislators voted to add those words to the pledge back in Spring.

Tuesday a federal judge ruled against a Dallas couple who filed a lawsuit trying to stop the pledge from being recited.  In Amarillo that new pledge is already being heard in classrooms. 

"It has always been a habit of our schools and I know that there's a state law that anytime you say the U.S. pledge, you're supposed to say the Texas pledge as well," said Becky McIllraith, spokesperson for Amarillo Independent School District. 

McIllraith says that students in Amarillo learned the pledge as early as first grade and that she has not heard of any complaints from parents about the new pledge.  But she did say that if parents did not want their children to recite the pledge, they are not required to.

Some people NewsChannel 10 talked to say that they were not bothered by the addition of "One State, Under God" to the pledge. 

"God is a good thing, and it needs to be brought back into the classroom...into everything that we do.  I think we've gotten away from him," says Lina Smith. 

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