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Ex-NM Prosecutor Cheers Atty. General's Resignation

A former top New Mexico lawyer is cheering the end of Alberto Gonzales's career.
The resignation means vindication for David Iglesias and other prosecutors fired across the country.

The feelings David Iglesias expressed to me over Gonzales's withdrawal go far beyond relief.  Iglesias insists political concerns linked to gonzales were behind his firing and that of seven other top prosecutors. "You don't mess with the American justice system. I mean politics should never be part of why someone gets charged with a crime and there was pressure on most of us to play politics and we all resisted that."

Iglesias says he lost his job for not prosecuting what he calls meritless cases. He adds... not only has justice been served, but he and other fired prosecutors are going to celebrate it... by coming together in December to mark the anniversary of the scandal.

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