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Student Health vs.TAKS Scores

Students going back to school today will find out that they will be spending more time in Physical Education this year. Texas students will be assessed on their health to comply with a new law that wants to find out if there is a link between health and TAKS scores.

The students will be assessed on their health in five separate categories.

Amarillo Independent School District Superintendent Rod Schroder says "student will be tested on obesity, so we'll have to measure that. They're gonna have to show us their muscular strength, endurance and their flexibility."

Schroder says they will also be tested on their aerobic capacity and that testing 24,000 students in his district will not be an easy task. 

"...about 75% of our students in high school are not in P.E. Class, so we're gonna have to find a way to pull those kids out of their regular class so they can be assessed."

Each school will send all of their health assessment results to the Texas Education Agency, where they are trying to figure out if their is a link between poor health and lower taks scores. Something educators are saying is necessary to help students do better on the test.

Laurie Cizon of the Canyon Independent School District said "we do want to know if physical fitness and student academic achievement are correlated because that help us know how to help our children."

The physical assessment will be for students in grades 3 through 12.


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