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Cash's son visits dad's childhood home

DYESS, Ark. (AP) - The son of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash has returned to the country legend's boyhood home to look for traces of his father and pick some cotton.

John Carter Cash has been in northeast Arkansas since Tuesday. The 37-year-old Cash said it's part of a personal venture to understand his father and Dyess, the town the Cash family called home.

''My father talked about the cotton farm, and the flood, many times,'' Cash said. ''He not only talked about it, it inspired him to write about it as well. His Arkansas roots were always a part of who he was, and he was proud of that. When I visit the places he walked and played, it brings to life many stories he told me about living here.''

Johnny Cash, born in Kingsland in 1932, moved to Dyess with his family as a child. With no money down, the Cash family was given 20 acres and a 5-room house in which to live. The house is still standing just west of Dyess, and the current owner gave him a tour.

''He was interested in walking through the house and stopped to ask questions along the way,'' Willie Stegall said. ''He was especially interested in his father's room. Before he left he took a pod of okra and a brick from the back yard. He said he planned to plant the okra in his garden.''

Mayor Larry Sims planned several stops for Cash when he was in Dyess, including a visit to city hall to look at his father's graduation composite. Sims said Cash read old Dyess Colony newspapers and spoke with his father's high school friends.

Cash used a long picksack to try picking cotton on a farm near Joiner. He said he was pretty slow at picking cotton and it ''sure got hot fast.''

''I plan to take my cotton home with me and make a pillow out of it, seeds and all,'' Cash said. ''I even pulled up some cotton stalks to take with me.''
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