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Amarillo Police Install Rumblers

It may feel like the earth is moving under your feet the next time police race by you on the road. That's because the department is installing rumblers.

The 10 to 15 second low frequency tone hits you in your gut. And that's exactly what police want from busy drivers.

Lt. Mike Miller says, "You got the windows up, air conditioning going, stereo on, you might be on a cell phone. This is something that you will actually feel it."

After an officer was involved in a major accident, responding to an emergency call, police started looking into other ways of alerting drivers they're coming. They decided on the rumblers and 12 of the systems are already in place.

By the end of the year 45 police vehicles will have the rumblers. At a cost of about 350 dollars a unit. Amarillo drivers we spoke with say the cost is worth it if it gets attention.

Richard Gill says, "Things are different today so they have to do different things. The more patrol cars they put on the safer we will be."

Officers will have the option of three different tone patterns to use so that they keep drivers on alert.

Vanessa Redline says, "I think its a good idea, because most of the time you don't hear them coming, and that way you could feel them."

The rumblers, which are activated by pushing on the steering column, will only be engaged during emergency situations.

Lieutenant Miller says they have had a great response from officers using the rumblers, and if all goes well, they will start making plans so every car in the fleet has the system.

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