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Happy Bee Attack

Happy is on the road to recovery after friday nights wicked weather blew through the area. But it had to overcome an unexpected hurdle. Residents knew they had to pick up trash and debris, they never expected to be attacked by bees.

Bent power lines, uprooted tree's, a roof blown off a building - that's the damage happy residents are working to clean-up tonight after storms rolled through. But the clean up became dangerous - when bees were found inside debris.

This man was helping clean up limbs from a tree that broke off in the storm when he found the swarm.

 Alfred Buecker says, "When I started to cut into the trunk of this tree, this tree that is 2 or 3 feet in diameter tree, it was full of bee's."

The bee's stung buecker more than 25 times across his body. Buecker says, "There wasn't nothing to do but run, you couldn't get away from them."

The Happy Volunteer Fire Department was called in to take care of the problem, but even they had trouble getting rid of the angry creatures.

Chief Jerry Sims, "We wound up putting some chemicals on them trying to kill them but it didn't work. We didn't expect it to be nearly that big."

The thousands of bees didn't have a chance after this treatment. They were burnt to a crisp.

Simms says their main concern was getting rid of them before school starts Monday. Since the campus is just next door.

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