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Update: WTAMU Rape Case

The future of three West Texas A & M football players linked to a campus rape case still remains uncertain. 

The local district attorney is now in charge of the case against them, but the investigation is not over.  District attorney James Farren tells NewsChannel 10 that there are still questions in this case he wants answered before presenting it to a grand jury, like confirmations from witnesses about times and places they saw certain things. 

The outcome of the case could kick the suspended athletes off the football field for good.  

Athletic Director Michael McBroom has yet to decide the fate of three football players suspected of sexual assault, but he knows it's a losing situation: "Best outcome on something like this? I'm not sure what that is at this point.  There's already been damage done to a lot of people and I think we'll have to wait and to see what the DA says the final outcome is." 

McBroom says that the three football players could be kicked off the team permanently even if they're not indicted.  "My decision is based only on violation of team policy.  The university will handle the infractions and obviously the DA will handle any criminal punishments."

Some students say the DA hand-over sends a message of zero tolerance on sexual assault.

"Maybe [the hand-over] is to help [the administration] make an example out of the situation and let [students and the community] know that this is serious and punishment is going to be given if crimes like this happen," says Mercedes McIntosh. 

The DA is expected to present the case to a grand jury in several weeks and campus police say that they won't make any arrests unless an indictment is returned.

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