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Historic Downtown Building Tagged

The historic Sante Fe building downtown has been defaced with grafitti.  Those who work to keep the downtown area vandalism-free say that they have had enough and are asking for your help to track down the taggers.  If you know who tagged the Sante Fe building, then you could get your hands on a $500 reward and make the downtown workers very happy.

"It's infuriating.  We work hard to keep downtown looking good to keep it attractive and our buildings looking nice.  It's a lot of maintenance and we don't need the added work," says Roger Delaney, who manages the Blackburn-Shaw Funeral Home. 

"When I see a building defaced with graffiti it makes me sad because it's really a senseless crime.  Over time it really does detract from the appearance of our commercial district," says Beth Duke of Center City.

NewsChannel 10 photographers shot footage of the grafitti out-of-focus so that the tagger's art won't receive additional publicity.  Nevertheless, someone is going to great lengths to vandalize downtown.

Sheriff Mike Shumate thinks it may be the same group or person because of the similarities in the grafitti art.  "The style, colors...they're consistent, the don't change.  They're proud of what they do.  That's how you can tell it's the bunch who it's the same bunch who did this deal over here or over there," says Shumate.

By tagging the Santa Fe building you might say the criminals woke up the dragon because defacing an historic building is a felony.

"It's one thing to go do it to some abandoned building that no one sees, but to do it in public like this...Everyone is mad, so let's get mad and catch him," says Sheriff Shumate.

More than anything business managers like Delaney at Blackburn-Shaw Funeral Home are upset because it tarnishes the attractiveness and security of downtown.

"It brings a new element here because people don't know who may be lurking in the dark and it keeps them from coming downtown, at night especially.  You don't see what's going on when  buildings are tagged, so it's definitely going on at night," says Delaney.

What's more disturbing is it will cost more than normal to clean the Santa Fe building graffiti, because they have to do it in such a way that it doesn't ruin the wall.

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