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Recalled Toys Sold On Ebay

Dangerous toys that have been recalled can still make their way into your home.  Consumers may be surprised to find recalled items that have been removed from the shelves of major retailers might turn up when they are shopping online.

NewsChannel 10 looked online and found that the Spongebob Square Pants address book and journal, both recalled items, are still being auctioned on eBay.  Other recalled items like Polly Pocket toys were there as well.

According to the online retailer, they work closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to try and make sure that recalled items are taken off the site.

Amarillo consumers agreed that it would be difficult to remove all recalled items from the site, but said they should try harder.

A study published in the Injury Prevention Journal says that most of the items being sold on eBay had multiple bids suggesting parents had no idea the toys had been recalled.  It also said nearly 70% of the recalled items were sold putting other children at risk of injury.


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