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Threatening Phone Calls in the Panhandle

Marland Upton, Receiving Threatening Phone Calls Marland Upton, Receiving Threatening Phone Calls

Marland Upton and his wife are still recovering from several threatening phone calls they received a few weeks ago.

In the messages the caller threatens to go to the Upton's home in Pampa, kill them and then burn their house down.  The calls are filled with obscenities and vulgar language.  The couple saved the messages and played them for NewsChannel 10.

"I thought it was a sign of danger when they said they were going to blow my face off or something," said Marland Upton, a retired Amarillo firefighter.   

The threatening calls did not demand money, but other calls that came around the same time did.  One call asked for a check in order to claim some money that was supposedly owed to the Uptons. 

The couple called the Gray County Sheriff's Department and they are investigating the calls.  Deputy Chief  Kelly Rushing said that he believed the calls were scammers, but has not been able to find the origin of the calls.   

Apparently these types of calls are not uncommon, but many people said that they had not heard of such calls that threaten people physically.

"We've seen an increase in this type of call, regarding these types of scams, so I know that they're really hitting hard out there.  They are really stepping up efforts and wanting people to respond," said Janna Kiehl, Executive Director of the Better Business Bureau office in Amarillo.  

Kiehl said the best way to not become a victim of a scam is to not answer phone calls from numbers that you do not recognize.  She said any bit of information can be passed on to other scam rings working together.  Kiehl also said placing your number on the "National Do Not Call Registry" should help cut down on the calls.     

A family friend is now trying to make sure the Uptons do not get any of the phone calls and Mr. Upton is grateful for her help: "I've been waiting to get rid of them for a long time; I didn't know how until this came up."

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