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Car Care in Extreme Heat

The recent heat wave not only has an effect on you, it can affect your car as well.

Your car has to work extra hard in the hot weather to operate normally.

NewsChannel 10 caught up with Bill Cherry, the Manager of Precision Lube in Amarillo, to find out what measures can be taken to protect your car.

Cherry says the most straining time for your car is when it is running, but sitting still.

"It's just like riding in a golf cart. I hate to bring up golf, but once you get in that cart and take off, that breeze feels so good. It's the same way in a car. If you're sitting at a car idling, it's straining. Once you take off it's going to start cooling again."

Cherry gave us some pointers on keeping your car cool:

* If you are stopped, turn off the A/C and roll down the windows

* Don't ever mix different engine coolants

* Plan routes with fewer stop lights

* Gently rinse and clean off your radiator, there are more bugs in the Summertime

* Your tires take extra stress, check them more often

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