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Complaint Filed Against APD

Charles Hess Charles Hess

A local family is taking their pain public while their grandmother remains unconscious in an Amarillo hospital.

Darla Diaz filed a complaint against the Amarillo Police Department today, telling NewsChannel 10 that a more thorough investigation of Charles Hess, the man arrested for beating her grandmother, 88,  could have prevented the crime against her. 

A rap sheet showing twenty-two Potter County arrests in Charles Hess's history stunned the family: "It's amazing I can't believe that," says Diaz.

But many of the arrests were only misdemeanors, and we've learned that Hess was a free man at the time of the beating. "There are people with far more than twnety-two arrests, " says Amarillo police Sergeant Randy TenBrink.  "Once they've paid the price, then we don't have any reason for following them around town.  It's not something that we do or should do."   

TenBrink notes that officers are reviewing the complaint and their investigation methods in the case.

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