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Residence Hall fires not a problem in the panhandle

An increase of fires in college dorms nationwide has the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission sending out a warning. 

NewsChannel 10 checked with West Texas A&M University and officials there say that residence hall fires are not on the rise locally.  

They say that over the past ten years they have had two small fires.  One started from a bottle rocket and the other after someone threw a lighted piece of wood into a room. 

WT Residential Living officials say that they work hard to prevent fires by not allowing students to cook in their rooms.  They also cannot use candles, smoke or use certain extension cords.

Resident Assistants check each room about four to five times a year to make sure students follow the rules.  Students caught breaking the rules face financial penalties such as fines. 

Over the last seven years WT spent $1.5 million on fire safety upgrades for the resident housing. 

NewsChannel 10 also checked with Eastern New Mexico University and officials say they have not had a dorm fire in fourteen years.  ENMU and WTAMU have similar dorm fire safety rules.

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