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St. Mary's Rebuilds

Parishioners at Amarillo's Saint Mary's Church are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to their new sanctuary.  The church's clergy wants to include the parish in the rebuilding of the church and the members feel honored to have the opportunity.  

"We want to listen to all the things [the members] feel are important to their church because this isn't a project of a few people, it's about communities," says Monsignor Waldow, the priest of St. Mary's Church. 

Most church members NewsChannel 10 spoke with want the building to remain traditional.

"I'd like it to look like a church.  I don't want stainless steal and mirrors and glass and that kind of stuff," says Dan Johnson, a parishioner. 

"Do they want a cry room?  Do they want red carpet instead of orange?  Those things are very important to people, and since this is their parish, we need to listen to them," says Tonya Detten, a church member serving on the Building Committee.

It's been a long road for members at St. Mary's since their church burned down in an accidental fire on February 26, 2007.  The entire bulding was destroyed, but now they are looking to the future.  Monsignor Waldow says that the 1,100 person capacity will be much larger than the 800 person sanctuary they previously worshipped in and members are excited for the expansion.

"We've been [holding services] in this gym and the acoustics are bad, we can't hear well, there are no kneelers and we have to kneel; it's going to be a blessing," says Johnson.

The architect and construction company that will rebuild the church have already been selected. NewsChannel 10 is told that the project will take eighteen months and $7 million to complete.

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