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Opt-Out of Junk Mail and Spam

Each year more than 40 pounds of junk mail is sent to every home in the US. Now some consumers say they've had enough.

Out of the 62 billion pieces of junk mail sent out every year, 44 percent ends up in a landfill, unopened. Its a headache plaguing american homes, and one women we spoke with is taking a stand.

Judy Jennings was mad. She told a company to take her off their mailing list, when instead they sent her another credit card offer. So she decided to take action.

Jenning says, "We get aggravated. It's a bunch of trash, fills the landfills. So we need it stopped. We got stop this stuff, its a bunch of nonsense."

Jennings is dealing with a full mailbox, but since she doesn't own a computer, she's some what lucky. These days more consumers find their e-mail accounts full of spam mail. A possibly costly problem if they infect your computer.

Brad Sanders with Westgate Computers says, "Opening spam can possibly infect you with a virus. 23:38 broll 24:03 "it cost users millions of dollars a year."

Sanders advises to install anti-spyware and virus protection on your home computer, and never open spam mail.

Here are some other ways you can opt-out of junk mail or spam. Contact the national do not call registry, and opt out of pre-screened or pre approved offers.

You can also check out this website to learn about other ways to get rid of junk mail.


Or contact websites like this one who stop junk mail from comming to you for a small fee.


Tracking a story we first told you about Wednesday about a website selling your personal information.. after some digging, we have found a way to get your name off the site. If you follow the recommendations of the world privacy forum and opt-out of the services the recommend you opt out of, you will in turn also opt out of the personal information site.

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