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Love Packets Ministry Needs Your Help

Somewhere across the panhandle, a child dealing with abuse or distress is holding a stuffed animal from Love Packets Ministry. Now the program is asking the community they are giving so much to, to give back in return.

A dream of a simple ministry of love packets became a reality for three women, and a gesture of hope for hundreds in our community.

It may just be a stuffed animal, some crayons, and a Bible verse to you, but to a child who is in need, its everything.

Laura Cook who helped start the ministry says, "I didn't think we have as much of a need as we do."

Cook and Mary Beth Waters originally had the idea, but after a few months they found themselves needing help, and they got it.

Fayetta Smid, came to the rescue, "She said I was the only one that responded to their call for help. It has just, its enriched my life."

Smid didn't just bring herself, but her red hatters group as well, every month making packets for the ministry. The group is the first link in the chain of love the is ministry is trying create with organizations across the Panhandle.

Smid says, "It's a very worthwhile cause, and its needed. It's really need all through out this area and into the panhandle"

Waters expressed, "That's our heart, isn't it ladies. That's our heart. To help even one child. Our motto is helping distressed children one packet at a time."

"It means everything. If we can make one child feel better than its worth it" Smid says.

Love Packets Ministry has handed out more than a thousand packs... At around seven dollars each.. They say they need help to supplement the cost.

Please contact these women if you would like to donate, or make packets for the ministry.

Mary Beth Waters - 356-8720

Laura Cook - 622-3476

Fayetta Smid - 806-345-2304

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