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Fundraiser for Girl with Leukemia

Overcoming adversity, just one lesson an Amarillo girl learned today. Seven year old Alexis Neely was diagnosed with leukemia last May. For her, today wasn't about struggles. It was about accomplishments.

World champion bench pressman Daniel Cummings, who has also been diagnosed with the disease, showed up to a fundraiser for Neely to inspire her to go forward with her dreams.

Cummings says he was there, "To give Alexis some encouragement. To show her that just because you have leukemia, its not a death sentence and you can live a normal life."

Today's event helped raise funds for Neely's chemotherapy treatment. Her family says each dose is around 37-thousand dollars. If you would like to donate, contact:

Alexis Neely Fund

c/o Welcome Pardner

PO Box 30926

Amarillo, Texas, 79120

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