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Family of Murder Victim Speaks Out

Henry Hernandez Henry Hernandez

The family of murder victim, Henry Hernandez, 54, are grieving the loss of their son, brother, and father.

"My son was a good man, he was a son that cared for all the family," said Agapita Hernandez, as she held back tears.

Mrs. Hernandez, surrounded by her family members, recalls her son as a very giving man.

"He bought me this house two years ago when he won that money in Las Vegas," said Ms.  Hernandez, pointing to the house her son bought her from a big Vegas jackpot. 

All around, the family echoed the same response: Henry Hernandez gave his all to those he loved.

"He did everything for everybody, he was a loving person, if he could do anything for you, he'd break his back to do it," said Lawrence Hernandez, Henry's brother.

His family says Henry Hernandez worked at Pantax, was married, had three grown children, and several grandchildren.

When asked about man who took Henry Hernandez away, this message: "He's going to answer to the good lord upstairs, he's going to be judged upstairs," said Freda Hernandez, one of at least ten family members who have gathered on the front porch of Mrs. Hernandez's home.

Putting their anger aside, the family focuses on healing. 

"He cared a lot for all the family, he didn't want to leave one out of the family...he wanted to help everybody," said Mrs. Hernandez. 

As the family embraces, and through tears, Freda Hernandez says: "We lost him, we don't have him no more, he's gone."


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