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Update: Murder Suspect on the Loose

Amarillo Police are looking for a suspect in a murder at a local bar. It happened at Buster's Lounge on East 27th Street.

Police say one man was being assaulted by several people, others tried to help. That's when police say Amador Lujan Lomeli pulled out a gun and shot one man in the hand.

Police say he then got into a car, and shot into the crowd, hitting 54-year-old Henry Hernandez. He was pronounced dead at Northwest Texas Hospital.

"I'm not going to say its random but sometimes you start shooting a gun, bad things happen and I'm sure Mr. Hernandez didn't deserve to lose his life because of some kind of assault that happened in the parking lot," says Lt. Gary Trupe, APD.  

Police say the get-a-way vehicle is a 1998 Cadillac Seville 4 door. With Texas license plate: W89NSX.

Police say if you have any information about the suspect call 378-3038.

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