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Home Items May Put Cats at Risk!

Cat owners need to be on alert. Your home could be putting your pet in danger.

Common flame retardants found on everything from your television to carpet, have now been linked to a dangerous disease. A new study showed high levels of polybrominated diphenyl ehters, or PBDE's in cats diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease.

A condition that affects cats attitude and demeanor, and can cause them to drastically lose weight.

Vet Dr. Janice Wolf says, "Generally a cat that loses weight, overly active, and walks around crying, and seems restless, and with a rapid heart rate, has got to be a high probability of hyperthyroid condition."

Wolf says it normally occurs in older cats who have had a longer exposer to PBDE's. And that owners need to be aware now of what their cats are around, because it could affect them in the near future.

"Any cat that is pass about 12 or 13 years is at very high risk for developing hyperthyroidism." Wolf says.

Pet owners we spoke with were concerned that their own homes could be putting their animals health at risk.

John Hunter says, "Its kinda scary, its kinda scary to think that something like that could harm my animal like that. It makes me want to take the appropriate steps to make sure my animal is safe."

Wolf advises all pet owners to have their animals checked routinely, so if there is a problem, it can be quickly caught and treated.


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