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Website Sells Personal Information

Leatte King, Shocked how easy it is Leatte King, Shocked how easy it is
Jeffery Hearn, Concerned about his privacy Jeffery Hearn, Concerned about his privacy

Stealing your identity is now easier than ever for anyone who wants it, thanks to a open website.

All we need is a name, a state, and $19.99 to find someone's identity. But it doesn't stop there.

For about $50 bucks more, I can access your social security number, credit history, even find your property value.

"I don't like that at all!" Shelley Thornton says.

It isn't just your information at risk, its everyone your are related to as well.

Leatte King found her relatives online, "Gosh its got my husbands name and my mother in law too. I don't think that's right! that's my privacy."

"Yep that's me right there! That's my relatives, that's crazy! Now I see why there is so much identity theft." Jeffery Hearn says.

One of the scariest parts of the site is that in some cases a person can even find out where your child goes to school.

Hearn, who has a son says, "That's power to pedifiles. Its power to give them access. Its not good at all."

It only took us about two minutes a search to find all the information we needed, information that can ruin your life if it falls into the wrong hands. That's why experts say its important to stay on top of your bank statements, and check your credit history often.

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