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X-Treme Music Camp

The Amarillo Youth Choir hosts their X-treme Music Theory and Vocal Boot Camp this week.

Kids come in to learn the source of all music.  They attend classes all week and will perform on Friday.

The youth choir takes a boys, girls, and mixed choir to competitions all over the globe.

The camp is designed to help kids in any musical endeavor they may take on in the future.

"We teach the whole logic and concept behind music and how it's composed; how to read, so the kids are learning the basics of theory, naming notes, finding note values, learning how to sight read, using the basic concepts," says Rolando Salazar, Assistant Director.

Forrest Lorenzen is a member of the youth choir, but he is still not sure if music is what he wants to be involved in when he grows up.  But, he still thinks the camp is a good way to learn: "It'll help me learn the song faster.  We wont have to spend weeks or months on one song."

The camp continues through Friday and you can still sign up for a prorated cost.  There are three levels and it is for kids ages 8-14 at Polk Street Methodist Church.  You can contact the Amarillo Youth Choir by calling 372-1100.

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