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Generic Prescriptions Available Soon

Prescriptions can cure your illness, but take a chunk out of your bank account. So generic brand prescriptions could be a lifesaver for those on a budget.

Sixty Three of the most popular drugs that currently don't have a generic form soon will. Offering Americans an opportunity to save millions a year on medication.

Betty Higgins says she spends sixty dollars a month on just one prescription. While insurance does cover a portion of the cost, Higgins says a generic would ease her expenses.

Higgins says, "It's really hard on a fixed income, because I take other drugs too, that may not cost so much, but it all adds up."

Higgins is getting her medication, she is one of the lucky ones. Rayma Watson goes without her monthly prescription because she can't afford the five hundred dollar cost per dose, and her insurance carrier refuses to cover it.

Watson says, "Well, I just went without, until I went back for my checkup. Then my doctor suggested that we could prove to the company that I still need the shots and we could go from there."

With several of the nations most popular drug patents ready to expire, people like Higgins and Watson will now be able to receive the same medication for a lot less.

Pharmacist Dick Storseth says,"When a generic comes out the cost goes down. Insurance will cover it very rapidly when a generic comes out they may not cover the brand but they will cover the generic, because its cheaper. It's a big help to the patient."

Even though Storseth says generics will change health care for families on a tight budget, he warns generics are not right for all patients. "Generics are not exactly the same as the brand. The FDA says that they are within reason, will give you the same result, it may be a little bit more, it may be a little bit less."

He recommends contacting your doctor before switching over.

Here is the list of brands and the years their generics come out.


Singulair (2012)

Bipolar Disorder

Depakote (2008)

Lamictal (2009)

Zyprexa (2011)

Seroquel (2012)


Effexor XR (2011)

Lexapro (2012)

Diabetes (Type 2)

Actos (2011)

Avandia (2012)

Enlarged Prostate

Flomax (2010)


Depakote (2008)

Keppra (2010)

Genital Herpes

Valtrex (2009)

Heart Attack

Plavix (2012)


Prevacid (2009)

Aciphex (2009)

Protonix (2011)

High Blood Pressure

Lotrel (2007)

Norvasc (2007)

Coreg (2007)

Toprol XL (2007)

High Cholesterol

Lipitor (2011)


Ambien (2007)


Depakote (2008)

Topamax (2009)

Imitrex (2009)


Fosamax (2008)


Risperdal (2008)

Zyprexa (2011)

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