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Field Day at the Texas Agriculture Research Station

The Texas Agricultural Research Station in Bushland had a field day to discuss the future of alternative energy due largely in part to President Bush's and the Department of Energy's goal of increasing the use of alternative energy to 30%

Two of the major topics were the use of wind energy and new ways to produce ethanol.

Right now Xcel Energy has four major wind farms on the grid.  The future may hold exporting power produced in the region from these wind farms to major cities.  The power would go to cities such as Oklahoma City, Kansas City, or Tulsa or it could go south to other large cities in Texas.

The Panhandle produces 10% more wind energy than the rest of the country, but the major hold-up is transmission lines.  In order to export the energy, large transmission lines must be built.

The other major topic discussed was Ethanol.  The main way to produce ethanol right now is by using corn, but the research station is looking for new ways to produce the alternative fuel because corn takes so much water and feed prices are raising.

They are looking for natural renewable products to create the fuel.

NewsChannel 10 talked to some of the experts to see what they thought about the current research.

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