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AC Ultimate Road Trip Program

Getting in to college is no easy task... But excelling in your studies and not getting distracted, is even harder.

Motivational leader Randy Schoening spoke at Amarillo College today to ease the fears of incoming freshman. The hour long seminar included developing effective study techniques, internships, and learning to deal with stress.

Event organizer April Sessler says the seminar is about, "Working with faculty, talking about how to be successful in class. Meeting other students, just having a good time. Eating lunch, we entertain them a little bit, and just help them to be more comfortable on the campus."

This is the second time this summer Schoeninghas spoken to AC students, but the sixth year for the AC ultimate road trip program.

Sessler says they have seen a change in students and attitudes since the program started and will continue as long as it is successful.

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