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Borger Breaks Ground on New Chemical Plant

Ryton is a chemical material that is extremely heat resistant.  It was used mainly for computer parts at first, and is now used for a variety of things including car parts.

On Tuesday, Chevron Phillips broke ground on the new Ryton plant in Borger.

Kel Seliger was in attendance for the ground breaking ceremony. A native son of Borger, Seliger had a special tie to the towns production of Ryton, and he thinks it's an honor for the new site to be built here.

"This means a lot to me. because 35 years ago when the original plant was being put in, I delivered steel out here as part of my summer job. It's a tribute to Chevron Phillips, Borger, and the Texas Panhandle that this site was chosen."

Also in attendance was Chevron Phillips General Manager of Engineering Polymers Michael McDonnell.

Borger was chosen from a list of potential sites around the globe, and McDonnell explains the reasons behind the choice.

"This is a specialty chemicals complex for us. Our competency is in specialty chemicals. Specialized manufacturing was centered at this location, and since this is a specialty product, it was natural to put it here."

Plant Manager Doug Digman was on cloud nine, and he thinks the impact will bring a lot of business through the Borger area.

"It will take additional people to run this plant. We anticipate 11 to 12 people is all that will be required to staff the new plant. Outside of that, at the peak, we expect 250 to 300 construction workers, as we build the facility."

This plant will double the output of Ryton from Borger, producing 44 million pounds per year.

Construction is scheduled to complete in early 2009.



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