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Bibles on Your Lawn

Norman Goad Norman Goad
Jeri Gosett Jeri Gosett

You might find something unusual on your lawn the next time you head out to pick up the paper... A Bible.

While some christians are praising the idea, others say having the word of God in gutters, exposed to the elements is the worst way to spread the message. Eleven newspapers across the country are distributing the Bibles as part of a national advertising campaign by the international Bible society, Send the Light.

While some christians are outraged about the campaign. The papers say to them, it's just another advertisement.

Fort Worth Star Associate Editor Bob Ray Sanders Says "It was a business decision. Certainly we had the readers in mind. Which is why we took a little more time to think about it. But once we thought about it, we thought, there was nothing wrong with it. If people don't want it, they don't have to read it."

The New Testament will be packaged on the outside of the paper. Making it an easy target to destroy or damage, a main argument for those against the distribution.

Norman Goad says "I guess I have mixed emotions about it. I can see some people objecting to it and maybe dishonoring the Bible. On the other hand, some people may be exposed to a truth they wouldn't be otherwise."

Fellow Church goer Jeri Gosett says "I think any time the bible can be distributed anywhere is a great idea to me."

Star Telegram does have an opt out option for subscribers not wanting to receive the Bible. But they say they are only offering it this one time, readers cannot opt out of other advertisements.

Distributing the books comes at no small price... It will cost the "Send the Light" campaign 438 thousand dollars to have the Bibles put in with the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

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