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Nursing Home Protest

Former Employee Verna Riles Former Employee Verna Riles

Angry after not receiving their final pay check, former employees of the Palo Duro Nursing Home chose to protest outside the closed center today in Amarillo.

The facility shut down nearly a month ago, because they didn't have the money to bring it up to code.

Some workers say they have been without a check for up to twelve weeks, straining not only their bank accounts but their emotions.

"I'm angry. Here are all the staff I worked with, my friends, and they are calling me and saying what are we going to do? I have no food, I have four kids, they've turned off my gas, I have no car, they have turned off my phone," Former Employee Verna Riles says.

Riles isn't alone. Kim Warren was contracted in to help the facility. For more than three months Warren says she was told her pay check was coming soon. Though she now fears she will never see a dime of the money she says she's owed.

 "Its affected my family, I have five boys at home, tremendously, because we are 3 and 4 months behind on most of our payments on everything. I've got boys fixing to go back to school, needing school clothes and things that boys need. I think that is what's broke my heart," Contracted employee Kim Warren says.

It wasn't just Warren and her boys affected her son in law owns the company she was hired from, they too have not received their cut for providing Warren as an employee.

"With my son in law not being paid, he's got a wife a baby and a baby on the way. She called me one morning and said 'mom they shut our lights off we don't have our phones, and they are coming to get my car," Warren says.

Whether they will ever see a paycheck is still up in the air, but they say they will fight as long and as hard as needed to get what they deserve.

NewsChannel 10 did try to contact the owners of the facility, but they have not returned our calls.

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