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ALERT: Potentially Dangerous Tires

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is urging you to check the tires on your vehicle because they could potentially be dangerous.

The tires were made in China by Hangzhou Zohngce Rubber Co. Ltd and were distributed in the U.S.A under several names such as Westlake, YKS, and Compass.

They were sold from 2002 until 2006 for light-truck, SUV's, and vans.

At least 270,000 tires could be missing a part that prevents tread separation, and 50,000 are believed to have been sold in Texas.

Tires Affected:

*LT235/75R-15 CR861  CR857

*LT245/75R-16  CR860  CR861  CR857

*LT225/75R-16  CR861

*LT265/75R-16  CR 860  CR861  CR857

*LT235/85R-16  CR860  CR861  CR857

*LT31X10.50R-15  CR861  CR857

If you have any of these tires, take them immediately to the dealer that you bought them from. If your dealer is more than 50 miles away, take them to the closest tire shop or mechanics and they will inspect your tires. They have been ordered by the Attorney General not to charge for this inspection service because it is in the interest of public safety.


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