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Amarillo Bridge Safety

The Minnesota bridge disaster has some asking about the safety of bridges in our area. 

A bridge off of I-27 and Rockwell Road is slated to be rebuilt, after inspectors determined it was at less than 50% efficiency.

Nearly two thousand drivers cross this bridge every day. While it is deteriorating underneath their tires, tx-dot officials say the bridge is still safe.

TxDOT Inspector Frank Gilbert says, "We are out here to make sure the public is safe, if we have any question about a bridge we'll get our engineers to look at it or if even necessary, we will close the bridge."

Gilbert says more than 80% of bridges in the panhandle are in good or better condition. And those that aren't will be soon.

TxDOT Engineer Dan Dleischman says, "We have about 835 bridges. That includes in county and city bridges and bridges on our system. Right now out of those bridges we have about 24 that are considered structurally deficient, out of those 24, 20 of those have been scheduled to projects."

Those 20 bridges will be replaced within the next year. In fact, TxDOT set a goal of 80% efficiency at all bridges by 2011, something fleischman says they are striving to surpass.

 "Our goal is to get 100%. Each year we have tried to make gains in that area" Fleischman says.

The bridge off I-27 and Rockwell Road will be replaced this December.

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