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Wind energy could turn pure profits for farmers

Farmers and others hoping to cash in on wind energy flocked to Amarillo today to find out how to make good on their investment. Wind energy could be pure profit for area agriculture.

Farmers seeking wind profits to soon flow their way rubbed elbows with energy companies this afternoon, while hearing experts explain what the future of wind energy might look like in the panhandle. That forecast is lucrative for farmers who tell us they could take home thousands of extra dollars a month from turbines.

One area landowner says wind generators will bring in what he calls "real money." "I'm in the cattle business and farming business and operate on borrowed money so most of the money we make goes back into buying somewhere to payoff our loans."

Smith notes the difference with wind energy money is landowners get to keep all of it.  While Smith says turbines have yet to start turning in Deaf Smith county, lease negotiations are already going on for about 32,000 acres of wind farms there.

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