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WTAMU Enrollment Goals

The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents recently appointed Dan Garcia to Vice President of Student Enrollment at WT.  Garcia officially takes the position on Wednesday.

Garcia says that he will help the university reach its enrollment goals.

"With the students that we currently have enrolled, we want to increase the retention rates of those students, and improve the graduation rates over time. If we can attract new students and keep the students that we have, I think we will be well on track to reach 9000 students by 2011."

That is the goal set forth by WT and Garcia says that he can use his skills to make that happen.

"I will participate in far more decisions on campus that relate to enrollment and enrollment management. I'll be able to give input to decisions concerning budget and other aspects of campus where enrollment may impact."

Freshman applications at WT are up 22% from 2006. Also, 23% more hispanic freshmen have applied.

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