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Drive-bys in decline in Amarillo

While Amarillo police claim fewer drive-by shootings in the city this year, one local street still bears the scars of the crime.  We found out what's helping the neighborhood heal.

"All of a sudden I hear this pow pow pow and I was like, that sounds like gunshots, oh my god," recalls Michelle Kisselburg. Memories are still fresh of the drive-by shooting that marred her neighborhood more than eight months ago. But Amarillo Police tell us incidents like the one that left bullet holes in the home two doors down from her are in decline this year.

"It's judges setting high bails for these people that we do get arreted on this, getting people locked up quickly," notes Corporal Jerry Neufeld. Kisselburg credits local police officers for making her feel safer at home. "They spoke to all of us through the street and stuff through the block and stuff, they were gonna take care of it and they have since then."

The city's special drive by response team handles these crimes. We're told their intervention sparked an eviction of troublesome neighbors. "It's a matter of getting out there, talking to witnesses, they have more time available then our field officers," adds Neufeld.  While Kisselburg insists she won't forget the shooting, she does sleep easier at night.

"It does stick in the back of your mind at times but you just kinda learn to overcome it." It's something Kisselburg hopes she'll only have to overcome once.

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