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Pit Bull Attack Stirs Neighborhood

Tensions are running high in one Amarillo neighborhood after a dog attack sent one woman to the hospital. Although the dog is being euthanized by Animal Control, NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg explains why residents in this area are still upset dogs are roaming free.

The pit bull involved in Sunday night's attack has been taken away, but residents are still worried there are more in the area that are just as dangerous.

"Its turned out to be a nightmare, I don't even want to come home. It scares me, I'm scared to death I've never been scared of dogs ever," says Rhonda Strout.

Strout is recovering from a dog attack Sunday, we're told she was trying to protect her pet from a neighbor's pit bull. The incident has the whole neighborhood talking.

"I just moved in 2 days ago and I've seen the dogs running around since, I've got three little girls and I'm not going to put up with it," says Ronald Salas.

"I'm pregnant and I have an 11 year old niece and we're always over here. I'm afraid I'll get attacked, hurt, end up losing my baby or something," says Daisy Strout.

Animal Control says they patrol the area often.

"We run through the San Jacinto area two time a day, it's probably one priority area we have of three areas," says Mike McGee, Director of Animal Control. 

But dog owners need to have their animals restrained. In this case we're told the dog broke away from his chain.

"He's not aggressive towards people, it just when she tried to break up the fight, he was caught up in the moment, he went for a snap. And she threw her arm there, trying to protect her dog," says the pit bull owner.

Although the owner told us he hoped to get his dog back... It will be euthanized.

"The owner has elected to have the dog destroyed," says McGee.

Animal Control went back to south Florida street this morning to remove another pit bull found roaming the streets belonging to the same owner. He opted to put that dog down as well.

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