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Vehicle Efficiency Tips

A recent Car Care Council report gives tips on how to make a "greener" car.  That includes increasing fuel efficiency, which in turn helps the environment.

Some of the tips include:

1. Get regular Tune-ups

2. Check your air filter

3. Check coolant levels

4. Make sure spark plugs are OK.

NewsChannel 10 wanted to check these tips with a local expert.  Bill Cherry, owner of Precision Lube in Amarillo, says that the tips are good tips, and one other very important thing is to get diagnostic checks.  

"You're going to do a diagnostic check. With today's electronics and modern cars, you've got to have a computer or know someone who can do a diagnostic check for you."

Cherry says most new cars are very difficult to check, compared to the older model cars.  He also mentioned tire pressure and battery power as two easy checks.

We also had a worker walk us through exactly how to make sure you're getting the best out of your vehicle.

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