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Pit Bull Attack

Dog Owner Dog Owner
Ronald Salas, Pulled Pit Bull off Victim Ronald Salas, Pulled Pit Bull off Victim

A pit bull attack spawns a neighborhood dispute in the 800 block of South Florida.

According to one eye witness a pit bull broke his chain and attacked another dog. That's when a woman was reportedly injured trying to stop the fight.

The dogs owner says, "He's not aggressive towards people, it just when she tried to break up the fight, he was caught up in the moment, he went for a snap. And she threw her arm there, trying to protect her dog."

The women was taken to the hospital for what appeared to be minor injuries.

Tensions rose as neighbors got in a verbal dispute. They were upset, saying the pit bull's owner was joking about the attack.

Neighbor Ronald Salas who witnessed the attack says, "Right now its not making me to happy listening to them down there laughing about it. This serious business when somebodies dog attacks somebody. If they want to laugh about it, then maybe they need to go and have their dogs attack them."

We did try to contact police, they were unable to give us any information about the attack tonight. But we do know that the pit bull was seized on site by animal control.

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