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Keeping Dogs Safe in the Summer

Doctor Sam Reeves Doctor Sam Reeves

Today was another hot one, and while you may have been cooling off inside, your pet could have been suffering in the heat.

Experts say dogs are more like humans than some owners realize. They can suffer from sunburn, blisters, even heat stroke. Things you would protect yourself from, your dog could end up having.

Doctor Sam Reeves says there are three big myths some dog owners believe to be true.

Like the belief that short hair is better in the summer. "Long haired dogs, a lot of people want to cut their hair coat, and the hair coat provides insulation from the heat as well as the cold."

He says a short coat leaves nothing to stop the suns rays from burning the dogs skin. Another mistake, exercising your dog at the wrong time. "They can get their feet burned walking on the asphalt, if its really dark."

Running on black asphalt when the sun is out might get your dogs heart rate up, but leave their pads blistered. Though the biggest problem doctor reeves faces is owners taking dogs in the car, and locking them inside while they run errands. Making the mistake of thinking cracked windows will keep the car cool. "Cracking the windows isn't going to do a bit of good."

He says a dog reaches a critical stage of heat stroke at a 105 degrees... A car can easily reach 120 degrees in just a few minutes.

To keep your dog safe, always make sure they have lots of shade and plenty of cool water.

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