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Ongoing Recovery in Clovis

Joe Sena, repairing his home Joe Sena, repairing his home
Mary Helen Urioste, just moved back into her home Mary Helen Urioste, just moved back into her home

Overcoming the devastation left behind by the March 23rd tornado is still a daily struggle for some Clovis families, but the mood remains positive and hopeful.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg reports on the recovery efforts that continue across town to this day.

FEMA commended the City of Clovis on how quickly they cleaned up up debris and took care of victims in the wake of the storm. But it's evident today, people are still tying up loose ends at home.

Driving down Oak Street in south Clovis today look very different than the scenes that flooded your TV screens four months ago. But signs of ongoing recovery are still there.

"It's tiring and hard to do it by yourself but it's more rewarding because you did you own work and it's satisfaction that you can do it, if you put your mind to it you can do anything," says Joe Sena.

Sena, his wife and his four children have lived in their home since in the tornado hit. Even though it was severely damaged after the storm launched a mobile home on top of it.

"My wife almost got hit by the tornado, it came between these two house and tore that mobile home over and smashed it against our house," said Sena.

Sena's neighbors are also trying to get back to normal life. Mary Urioste's home was left in shreds the night of the storm. Today she is thankful for the church group that help put it back together.

"Everyday that I walk in here I say thank you God for this house, it seems like it was a nightmare it made me realize how precious life is," says Mary Helen Urioste.

"There's a lot of homes missing, especially mobile homes, but we're fortunate none of our family got hurt and we helped the people across the street as much as we could, we just help each other out," said Sena.

The Urioste family has already moved back into their home. The Senas' hope to have their repairs complete this week.


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