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Neighborhood Speeders A.M.

One Amarillo mother is taking a stand to keep her kids safe from dangerous drivers speeding through her neighborhood. After weeks of seeing drivers soaring past her kids, she went searching for a tool to put the brakes on speeders.

Even though this sign holds no authority, this mother says it has caused drivers to check their speedometer and slow down.

 "Most of the drivers, I'd say about 90% really slow down and look, it catches their eye. It does a pretty good job, there have been a few people who don't like it, but most of the drivers and neighbors really like it." Missy Ruiz says.

While most reactions to the sign have been positive, ruiz did have a few drivers act out.

"One lady, just got out and stopped her car, and moved it back onto the grass. And the other gentleman asked me if i thought i was the police, then he came back by about 15 minutes later and honked 4 times at the kids." Ruiz says.

She says she hopes more parents take control to slow down drivers.

"Kids are going to make mistakes, but just that one time they might dart out into the street. It can make a big difference if a car is going slow and the driver is looking out for the kids."

You can pick up your own slow down sign at Toys R Us for $27.99.

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