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Record Wheat Crop in Perryton

Once in a lifetime...That's how often wheat farmers in Perryton say they see the kind of successful crop they had this year.

The crop is so plentiful you may have seen it piled up on streets around town because it couldn't fit in the grain elevators. NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg explains what led to such a great crop.

Without a doubt the abundant rain that fell in the area was key for the wheat to grow as well as it did. Temperatures behaved throughout the season, never getting too hot or too cold, so the crop was never stressed.

"This wheat crop was probably the largest one this county has ever seen; The average yield was probably the highest average yield per acre that this county has ever seen on wheat crop," says Scott Strawn, Ochiltree County AG Agent. 

"Last year we took in 2 and a half million bushels, we're just north of 11 and a half million bushels so far this year thus far, our average grain take is 10 and a half, we went over that just with wheat this year," said Wes Biel with Equity Grain. 

The abundance of wheat coupled with the selling price will make farmers a pretty penny, but it isn't money they'll be able to put away for a rainy day.

"We're blessed and fortunate because we can pay off previous debt and maybe upgrade equipment," says Perryton Farmer Danny Krienke.

It will help farmers like krienke get back on solid ground. But it doesn't mean he can take a break. Today he is back plowing hundreds of acres to prepare his land for another wheat crop.

"We're in the process of working the ground to kill the weeds and get the seed bed prepared and start over for next year," said Krienke.

In hopes that it will lead to a harvest that will create more unique sites like this one.

"I've never seen this much wheat come to a facility I've been at or seen this much wheat on the ground,"

Biel says the grain will be hauled off in trucks to places like amarillo to be loaded on the railroad... And eventually the West Coast and Mexico. It will probably block the road until the 30th... But he says it's a good problem to have.


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