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Feist Rocks "The Reminder"

Relatively unknown, this music-making chameleon has been collaborating with music talents for years.  Previously handing over her vocals and instrumental skills to groups like Kings of Convenience and Broken Social Scene, Feist's newest solo album, The Reminder, is proving to be her best work yet.

On The Reminder, Feist mixes melancholy, heart-felt lyrics with simple, upbeat melodies to create audible honey for the listener's ears ("Honey Honey", by the way, an appropriate title to the album's 12th track).  The arrangements are basic, the vocals aren't overdone, but the sounds combine into a folk-pop conglomerate that infects the airwaves (in a good way, not an incurable STD way).

Feist's greatest strength though is her songwriting.  Her lyrics don't reflect that of a typical emotionally-charged Lilith Fair performer (no offense Sheryl Crow).  Her goals don't seem to be as lofty as feeding the children or finding prince charming or liberating the modern woman; no, her words seem to simply present discoveries from experience.  In the upbeat " 1 2 3 4" - "1 2 3 4 5 6 9 or 10 / Money can't buy you back the love that you had then" - a bit of regret is felt.  It's a sentiment that's carried into the inelaborate "Intuition" - "It's impossible to tell / How important someone was / And what you might have missed out on." 

Songwriters are making a comeback.  If you long for discreet, folksy music, compiled by real musicians, guitar in hand, voice in throat, then Feist is the lady for you and this is her best yet (although previous work, amazing [*sidenote: Peaches/Feist collaborations, not her best]).  Bottom line, check it out so you won't wonder "what you might have missed out on."

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