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Too late for Class of 2007 to enter "B-On-Time" program

It's too late for the class of 2007 to enter the "B-On-Time" college loan program.  This year's high school grads who may have been counting on that financial aid will have to find it elsewhere.

The state program offers loan forgiveness to students who graduate college on time with a "B"average. But a spokesman says the program is so popular... there's simply not enough money to go around for new college students.  "We're at the coordinating board constantly looking for basically - looking under all the couch cushions that we can to try to find additional funds state or otherwise to pour into financial aid," says Dominic Chavez.

He says the board will not accept new students into the B-On-Time program for at least the next two years. He expects about 9,900 students to return to the program this fall. For more information on alternative funding, the Board suggests going to

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