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Minimum Wage Increase

Soon many of you will have more money in your pockets. Minimum wage workers will make 70 cents an hour more starting Tuesday. While some are praising the boost, others say the increase is bad news for everyone.

Employers and even some workers are stepping up to voice their opinion against the new increase. Expressing that this new pay raise for some, means a hefty price change for all of us.

With minimum wage rising to $5.85, a local business owner says he won't be able to absorb the cost, he'll have to pass the buck on to customers.

"I think the biggest thing about the minimum wage is that it increase prices all the way across the board, not just the job entry level like what we are using, but it creates a tremendous ripple effect though out everyone's business," Wonderland Manager Paul Borchardt.

One women we spoke with says she fears her family will have to pay the price in the end.  Silvia Satto said, "Everything is going to go up so we are going to have to pay more money on all of our stuff, so I don't think its a good idea."

Others say prices have already increased and raising wages is just playing catch up. "I think its pretty good, because prices are already going up especially gas. I think they should have done it a little quicker so that it would helped a lot of families," said Ulysses Salieas. 

Minimum wage worker says those who don't make $5.15 an hour, don't realize how little it is.

 "I'm going to be really excited.! $5.15 an hour is not very much especially considering the taxes the government takes out and all that," Adam Snider said. 

Officials say they decided to increase wages to keep more workers above the 10,000 dollars a year federal poverty level.

At $5.85, a full time worker will now be more than 2,000 dollars above the line.

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